About us 

Cultivated Industries is a group of connoisseurs who bring decades of combined experience to produce the finest cannabis flower and extracts on the market.



Norris Monson was born and raised in Minnesota.  As a young man he spent time exploring the country; most notably, Eugene, Oregon, where he learned the art of glassblowing.  In 2007, after spending many years as a professional glassblower in Minnesota, Norris and his family decided they much preferred the temperate climate and culture of Oregon so they packed up and headed west. In the past eight years Norris has established a successful real estate business and meaningful ties in the national cannabis community.  

He is a lifelong cannabis cultivator, political activist, and legalization advocate. Mr. Monson was a Measure 91 Finance Committee Member, a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis PAC, sits on state rules committees, and speaks at cannabis conferences. In addition to all of this, he is a consultant and the CEO of a state-of-the-art cultivation and extraction facility in Portland, Oregon where he happily resides with his partner, Alexandra and their two children.