Cultivated Extracts


Starting with the finest cannabis strains hand cultivated at our facility, we ensure the purity of our concentrates from the ground up. Hydrocarbon extraction methods are used to safely produce potent and clean oil and extracts.



Discover for yourself why our HydroCarbon extract took 1st Place Winner in the Oregon Concentrate Challenge 2015 (PHO).



HydroCarbon Extracts

We specialize in using closed-loop oil extraction systems, our hydrocarbon process is safe and cost-effective and produces the top quality extract. Allowing us to invest more time and money into growing quality cannabis for extraction.








To better serve our customers we’ve separated our offerings by product quality.

With our flagship brand Cultivated Extracts being our high-end product.

We’ve also introduced a new line called Faded Extracts, a great product at a better price point.¬†


As toll processors, we are always on the lookout for quality trim. Contact us for more information about our hydrocarbon extraction and distillation services.


Hydrocarbon extraction services-

We offer processing services to OLCC licensed Producers and Wholesalers.

Contact us to find out more about rates for processing and other services, such as weighing and packaging and more.

Fractional Distillation

Fractional distillation is a process where a mixture of many different compounds is separated into its individual constituents.

This occurs under vacuum and can achieve amazingly pure THC or CBD compounds.