Our cultivation and extraction facility are integrated under one roof to ensure optimal quality, safety and transparency in all stages of production. 

We strive for energy efficiency and eco-friendly practices at each stage while ensuring the premium quality of our products.

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We take the integrity of our products so seriously, we refuse to tamper with the exceptional quality of our cannabis products for the sake of productivity. Currently, the demand for our products is greater than our supply. We appreciate your fierce devotion and will continue creating the first-rate batches you expect.

Technology and Processes used in our facility:

  • Dosatron technology
  • Surna cooling system
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Closed Loop Extraction System: CO2 & BHO
  • Purchase Clean Wind Renewable Power


  • Microscopic analysis for individualized plant treatment
  • Alternatives to pesticides including:
  • Plants pre-inoculated w/ “friendly” bugs to treat pests
  • Heavy and early flushing
  • Recycle and PH balance water
  • Vermicomposting


  • Extended pesticide screening exceeding OR state standards for what we’ll release.
  •  Bottomline: <1 ppm. Strive for: <LoQ limit of quantification